Vinyl Flooring in Hertfordshire

Nowadays, vinyl flooring means a completely different thing to the days of "lino" and "cushionfloor".

We have extensive sampling from all major suppliers including LEOLINE, ARMSTRONG, FORBONOVILON, GERFLOR, TARKETT, RHINOFLOOR, BEAUFLOR and more.

We also stock a number of vinyl flooring designs and qualities for immediate delivery/collection/fitting.

Please call 01920 464890 or email us at for any additional information you may require on our vinyl flooring range or services.

What is Vinyl Flooring?

Vinyl flooring is an easy and affordable way to customise the floors in your home, which comes highly recommended by our flooring experts.

Why Vinyl Flooring?


Vinyl flooring is highly durable and resistant to fading, scratches and general wear and tear. A good choice for families with kids in the household. It is also resistant to water damages, spills and stains making it a popular choice for kitchen and bathroom floors, where any spill can be easily wiped down with any floor cleaner.


Compared to laminate flooring and real wood flooring vinyl is a much cheaper alternative and easily sourced from any local supplier.

Many colours and designs

The range of colours that vinyl comes is very wide, and can be bought to suit any colour scheme you are wishing to work to. The choice of textured, tiled or wooden styled vinyl tiles and floors is also very extensive and is a great alternative to the more expensive choices if you are working to a budget.

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