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There are many floor choices that are open to the average homeowner, but few have the beauty, style, warmth and durability of real wood floors. Wood floors come in many styles, finishes and colours and a perfect surface can be found to match the taste and style of any home and family. As it will most likely be in place for the life of your home. The first and most important decision is to find a quality and reputable dealer like Bridge Flooring.

Hardwood floors are the perfect choice for any room in your house. It has a very durable and easy to clean finish that can hold up to traffic, kids and spills. Speaking of spills, today's wooden floor finishes are designed to make cleanup and maintenance a snap. You simply need to wipe up the spill and give the floor a light dusting as needed to maintain the warmth and lustre that only a real wooden floors can provide to you.

Extreme care must be taken in choosing the best company for a wood floor in order to get an installation that will not fail and will remain beautiful. Bridge Flooring has been in business for over twenty-four years and the owner has more than thirty-five years experience in the floor covering industry. This is why the company has developed an unblemished service record and great reputation in the southeast and London area.

If you want a hardwood floor that will last and continue to look beautiful year after year with minimum maintenance, choose real wood flooring. If you want a company that will install it right the first time and stand behind their work, choose Bridge Flooring.

What is Real Wood Flooring?

Real wood flooring is any product manufactured from timber that is designed for use as flooring, either structural or aesthetic.

Types of Wood Flooring


Solid hardwood floors come in a wide range of dimensions and styles. Each plank is made of solid wood and milled from a single piece of timber. Solid hardwood floors were originally used for structural purposes, being installed perpendicular to the wooden support beams of a building. Modern construction techniques now rarely use wood building frames and solid hardwood floors are used almost exclusively for their appearance.


Wood flooring is a popular feature in many houses.

Engineered wood flooring is composed of two or more layers of wood in the form of a plank. The top layer (lamella) is the wood that is visible when the flooring is installed, and is adhered to the core (or substrate) which provides the stability.

Caring for Wood Flooring

Proper use of vacuuming, sweeping, and damp mopping is usually all that is required to maintain the cleanliness and appearance of a wood floor. Oil soaps should not be used to clean the floors. The best suggestion is to use the manufacturers recommended cleaning products. Like tile floors, excessive grit and foot traffic will affect appearance. Unlike carpet or rugs, a properly finished wood floor, like tile, does not accumulate hidden soil or odorous compounds.

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