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Our carpet fitters deal with most major carpet manufacturers and are constantly seeking out new, quality suppliers.

The range of different textures, colours and qualities that we offer is huge. Wool and synthetic fibres are all offered at competitive prices.

Our stock ranges are constantly changing as we buy up ends of line and discontinued ranges at massive discounts, up to 50%!

Please call 01920 464890 or email us at for an up to date stock list.

Get the ideal carpet from Bridge Flooring to help make your house a home

Are you looking for carpets, rugs, laminate or natural floor covering to make your house a home? If so, then Bridge Flooring is the company for you. Since 1987, the experts at Bridge Flooring have been installing flooring of all kinds in homes throughout London. We know how important the correct floors in your home actually are, which is why we continually offer the best carpet fitting service at an affordable price to folks everywhere.

Are you looking to spruce up your bathroom? Maybe your kitchen needs to be refitted. Whatever it is you are looking to do, choosing the right flooring is paramount if you want your home to reflect your taste and style.

The right rug or carpet can add warmth and sophistication to any living area. Carpets in particular are an important choice when you are decorating your home. Whether you want to add style to a dining area, durability to a child's room or romance to a bedroom, choosing the right carpets will go a long way towards achieving the look and feel you want.

Bridge Flooring offers expert carpet fitters who have experience with both residential and commercial properties. They can assist you no matter what look you are going for in your home or office. You can be assured of competitive pricing, friendly customer service and trained fitters to do the job right the first time. Don't leave something as important as the look and style of your home to chance. Let Bridge Carpets and Flooring give you the look you need at the price you want.

What is carpet?

Carpet is a textile floor covering made of an upper layer of pile attached to a backing. Usually made from wool or a synthetic fibre, carpet gets its structure from twisted tufts that are sometimes heat-treated to strengthen their structure.

Types of carpet

Carpets come in a number of different types. The most popular types of carpets are:

Woven carpet

Needlefelt carpet

Knotted carpet

Tufted carpet

How is carpet installed?

Carpet normally comes in widths of 4m or 5m. Sometimes it's necessary to join two different widths together. This can be done by seaming them together with a seaming iron and seam tape. The carpet is then fixed to the floor on top of a cushioned underlay using nails, tacks and adhesive.

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