Commercial Flooring Solutions

We have a long track record of working with architects, building contractors and end users such as schools and other such institutions. Many of the companies we deal with have been customers for a good number of years and continue to give us opportunities to quote on their various projects.

We welcome any opportunity to quote no matter the size of project.

Please call 01920 464 890 or email us at for more information.

Karndean Flooring

Karndean are a supplier of luxury and custom vinyl floor coverings. Karndean offer floor coverings in all manner of styles and designs that replicate the natural floor coverings we are inspired by.

The most important part of any commercial establishment is the floor. If it is scratched, shows worn spots, or has other disrepair, it will be the first thing to meet a customer's eye. In addition, things such as trip hazards, broken seams, and other conditions, present a danger and could cause falls or other injuries.

Vinyl or laminate floor coverings cannot compare to the beauty of natural hardwood flooring, nor does it stand up to the wear and tear of commercial activities. Bridge Flooring has a wide selection of commercial flooring to choose from in the form of solid and engineered wood. This is offered in a wide choice of widths and lengths, as well as exotic and domestic woods. Oak, maple, hickory, cherry, and mahogany are especially popular. There are also a large number of well-known commercial brands available in all types of hardwood flooring.

Each type of wood has its own special benefits, which apply to distinct uses, such as a restaurant kitchen, a retail store, or other location. In addition, there are different colours, graining and strengths. It is important when having this kind of floor installed to work with a company such as Bridge Flooring, who specialises in commercial installation. Prior to making a selection all customers are offered free measuring and estimating services.

Proper installation of a beautiful wood floor will not only result in something that is striking to the eye but something that will last for years as well. Bridge Flooring has expert fitters, which gives the assurance that the floor will be properly installed to the customer's satisfaction.

The installation of a hardwood floor in a commercial establishment includes proper preparation prior to it being laid. The company takes pride in providing first class work all the way through from the installation to the finished product. Complete satisfaction is guaranteed.

commercial flooring solutions

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